“Returning to work is a scary experience leaving your precious child in someone else’s care for the first time but Elan made this so much easier through their friendly but professional manner. My son squeals in excitement as we leave the house for nursery.”

Emma & Sean Ridout

“Elan Nursery has changed our son’s life with their on-going input he has overcome significant behaviour problems associated with hearing loss. Utilising a range of expert advice and working closely with us the team devised a clear strategy for helping our son and protecting others. Despite obstacles staff remained positive and our son is happier and better behaved than he has ever been. Thank you Elan!”

Kirsty & Kevin James

"Elan is a fantastic nursery. All staff go out of their way to welcome and care for my three year old son. He is included and stimulated in a range of activities and is always happy this is a testament to how well he has been looked after by the exceptional nursery staff."


"Our son enjoys his time at Elan and it is obvious that he looks forward to it each day. He has developed in many ways. The staff are warm, friendly and caring towards the children and parents."

Meher & Chris Cox

"The staff provide an exceptional level of care and attention to each of the children. The fact that my son spends most of his day smiling and being happy is testament to the care Elan provides. The range of activities, play and education facilities that they provide are outstanding and every parent I have met feels the same."

Michelle & Chris Ellicot Taylor

"Elan gave me the peace of mind whilst spending time away from my children. My children ADORE the staff and look forward to going to nursery which makes my life so much easier knowing I have to work. The staff are honest, approachable and compassionate and Elan management are flexible and caring in times of need."

Angela Crudgington

"The care provided at Elan is outstanding. The staff are super and really know and understand the children. Communication between Elan and parents and their staff is excellent. It is a fantastic, well run and organised nursery."

Anna Hull

"I have a well-adjusted, happy curious 2 ½ year old, as a working mum I can’t take credit for all of it! I see Elan as an extension of our home and am very grateful for the love and care they show my son. Nothing is too much trouble for them and my son thrives in the Elan environment."

Kirsty & David Humphry

"I feel the nursery is an extension to our family home. It is warm, nurturing and always buzzing with excitement. The staff always go above and beyond to make each child feel special and don’t ever rush time with us as their parents. I’m always in awe of the activities in place and how special everyone who works there are. We’re lucky to have such an amazing place."

Tara & Cairan Burns

"Focus of all staff is on the children. We feel engaged in our child’s development and when their has been concerns about our sons progress in language; he received one-one support. The environment is very open, supportive and perfect for our children’s development. We like the fact that there is regular dialogue on progress."

"The fact that Oliver gets so excited when we arrive at nursery says it all. Megan has been going for nearly 3 years and she loves it. Kelly and the team make it a warm and friendly place for children and parents. I would highly recommend it to any other people. The dedicated and professional team make it a wonderful place for children to grow and learn. We have never had any problems."

Laura & Nick Pestell

"Elan is an exciting nursery! It is always striving to improve and encourages a happy nursery for children parents and staff. It brings in resources such as languages, Yoga and Tennis. It makes the most of parent’s skills, occupations, interests or pets. Elan is creative and welcoming. The staff at all levels seem to genuinely know and love the children in their care."

Kirsty & Kevin James

"Elan has contributed enormously to the wellbeing and development of my daughter. The consistency of the routine, the bonding between different practitioners with my daughter as well as the help and support from everyone has been a breath of fresh air."

Deana Langston

"The children love it and parents feel safe and happy leaving their children in such fantastic care. The staff genuinely care for the children, who are encouraged, taught and given both fun and educational games. Flexibility to support working families means I wouldn’t think of sending my children anywhere else."

Helen & Robin Brookes

"Elan is a fantastic Nursery. All the staff go out of their way to welcome and care for my children. They are included and stimulated in a range of activities and they always come home happy which is testament to how well they are looked after by all the exceptional staff. Kelly the Nursery manager is an outstanding leader - she ensures that all staff understand their role and responsibilities to the children, everything runs very smoothly."

Jennie & John Jory

"A warm and welcoming place for Frankie to strive and grow. Frankie loves being there, as do all of the children I see. Every effort is made to tailor activities around each child’s preferences."

Claire Lea

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Haywards Heath Nursery

Our Haywards Heath nursery opened in June 2005 at Perrymount Road, we added to our provision by opening our Sydney Road site in July 2015. They both offer excellent childcare in 2 great locations... both only 2 minutes away from Haywards Heath train station and only 2 minutes away from each other. Perrymount Road offers childcare for our 0-3 year olds and Sydney Road is our dedicated pre-school facility.